Note: This is my first of many articles in this series. Enjoy!

Probably one of the most asked what if's in the nba is "What if Derrick Rose never got injured?" Well I'm here to answer that question for you.


So Derrick Rose was a blossoming star in the nba and won the mvp award in 2011 at the age of 22 becoming the youngest player to ever win the mvp award in the nba. Derrick Rose led his team (Chicago Bulls) to a dominate 50 win season in a shortened year (Only 66 games were played!). No doubt the Bulls were the favorite to win the eastern conference, but in game 1 of the first round, in the fourth quarter with just one minute left in the game (leading by 12) Derrick Rose tears his acl and is done for the playoffs. The Bulls would lose to the 76ers in the first round in six games, and Derrick Rose would never be the same again...

What Could of Happened

So rewind all of what you just heard (well leave in the part where he wins mvp and the Bulls are the 1 seed in the 2012 playoffs). So in game one against the 8th seeded 76ers, the Bulls win easy with Derrick Rose adding 25 points and also having 10 assists. The Bulls lead 1-0 now and in game 2 they would take a commanding 2-0 lead over the 76ers, getting the win easy again, rose again leading in scoring, this time adding 28 points as well as 9 assists to go along with it.