Create the Sports Season of Your Dreams!

Welcome to the Hypothetical Sports Wiki!

Are you a true sports fan? Do you want to create your own sports seasons, your own athletes, your own teams - anything like that? Do you want to re-create a season that didn't go the way you wanted? Well then, you have found the right place!

This is a hypothetical wiki where you can create fictional sports seasons, athletes, teams, events, and more! You can use real teams, or you can make your own. You can create a season where a team wins a championship against all odds, or you can make an article about some new athlete that puts up a great career. You can even create an article about your own sport! Get creative here with any sport or sports season you want to write about! Re-create a season that occurred in the past, predict the current season, or predict a season in the future! Events on here can be realistic or extremely surprising.